How to make your corporate event fun and entertaining

Have you ever dreaded going to a work function? Work related events can often be boring and stale but they do not have to be! Here are 7 ways to make your corporate event more enjoyable and memorable.

1. Have an open bar and a catered meal.


2. Make sure your venue has plenty of spaces for guests to mingle and sit comfortably.


3. Music is a MUST! Having a band or DJ at your event will lighten the mood and create a lively atmosphere. It will also have your guests getting out of their seats moving and grooving.

4. Keep your guests busy by having games!

5. Pass out party favors that guests actually want to take home! Hand out something useful or local. Gifts like local honey, sauces, popcorn, cookies, and koozies are a hit.

6. Think about creating an overall theme to your event. A themed corporate party is a fun way to get all of your guests involved.

7.  At your event have a place where your guests can take group photos. Photo ops are a fun way to get everyone together.