Creating the Perfect Grand Exit

Everyone wants to end their big day with a big, beautiful, Grand Exit. All their friends and family sending them off to begin their marriage and the fun that’s about to ensue on their honeymoon!
There are so many ways to create the perfect look for your send-off. You can go for a classic look or one unique to you. Just remember that the most important thing is to be goofy, be silly, dance, laugh, and enjoy this moment.

Sparklers are a classic option for send-offs. They create a firework effect and look amazing in photos, and are also a fun option for an older crowd (adults & teens).

This is the end of your big day and the beginning of the rest of your lives! Have fun, say your goodbyes, and enjoy your time with your guests.

Sparklers aren’t your only option! Here’s some ideas that also create unique photographs!
• Glow sticks
• Brightly colored Confetti or Eco-fetti
• Bubbles
• Balloons
• Lanterns
• Pom-Poms for your favorite sports team


Get creative, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!!