Wedding Planners: Essential or Not?

No one wants to stress out or worry about a single thing on their big day! Your job should be to just enjoy it and make as many memories as possible! So, long story short: YES, having an incredible planner is a MUST! At Sycamore Farms, we require that our couples have a Wedding Coordinator/Planner for many different reasons:

The first, and biggest reason is: STRESS!! Having a good planner takes all of that away from you, your finance, and your family! They are there to ensure that every tiny detail is taken care of.

Let’s be honest, Wedding’s are EXPENSIVE! A planner can help you set and track your budget along the way.

Another big reason a planner is essential: DAY-OF COORDINATION! You’re not going to want to be concerned with who’s supposed to show up, when things are supposed to happen, and if everyone is prepared for your day. Your planner will be that point of contact to allow you to enjoy your time while they are communicating with each of your vendors. They will also help you create a detailed timeline and will make sure every minute of your day is executed without a hitch!

Your Planner is also there to bring your vision to LIFE! Think about every pin you’ve saved to Pinterest, every ounce of inspiration you’ve gotten from celebrity weddings, and let your Planner help bring it to reality.
And last, but not least, after the party’s over and you’ve already been whisked away to your honeymoon, someone must stay behind. Your planner will ensure that all your gifts, décor, and any other various items are safe and sound. They’ll also take care of any cleanup or venue responsibilities. Your day should truly be YOUR day! Enjoy it!

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