Sycamore Farms Grand Opening!!!!

What an incredible Grand Opening!  Everything was amazing and we owe it all to our vendors!  They are the best and went above and beyond to make it a success!  The food, drinks, entertainment, flowers, decor…you name it, every detail was thoughtfully and perfectly executed.  Let’s start with the incredible design team, Firefly Events, Samantha and Michelle that planned the event and “knocked it out of the park” as out owner said.  They had a big task at hand, because there were so many vendors to coordinate.  But Samantha and Michelle did it all with ease.  They are rock stars!


If you did get a chance to see our lovely letterpress invitations with custom watermarked envelope inserts designed by August Blume, then take a look at this beauty.  This pitiful photo is by my iphone so it doesn’t reflect the real look and feel of this invitation but it was gorgeous.


Lets start a tour of the Grand Opening!  As guests arrived they couldn’t help but notice the classic cars provided by Grand Avenue parked outside the entrance.  Staff greeted guests under the gorgeous custom linen welcome banner designed by August Blume.


Name tags were displayed on a boxwood backdrop at the entrance.  The name tags were also created by August Blume.

sycamorefarms_grandopening_095 sycamorefarms_grandopening_094

As guests entered the Lakeside Veranda a server greeted them with one of our signature cocktails.  This bubbly beverage was 1 of 3 signature drinks created by Aperitif Events & Cocktails named The Sycamore.


Also on the Lakeside Veranda was Vintage Florals beautiful designs, Southern Events Rentals, Southern Sky’s Draping and Lighting, and Chef Penelope’s Catering.

Just lovely…every bit of it.


sycamorefarms_grandopening_035 sycamorefarms_grandopening_033 sycamorefarms_grandopening_031

Then guests walked into the Main Hall where most of the action was happening. Just take a peek at Southern Sky’s Draping!


At the center of the room was a head table designed by Firefly Events and Southern EventsKnestrick by Design created some gorgeous arrangements for the head table and August Blume did the calligraphy.




sycamorefarms_grandopening_076 sycamorefarms_grandopening_087

Another signature drink, the 4866, created by Aperitif Events and Cocktails was a gin concoction with an edible flower.  Almost too lovely to drink.


Two caterers, Flavor Catering and Chef’s Market provided food inside the main hall of salads, braised beef, succulent chicken.

sycamorefarms_grandopening_104 sycamorefarms_grandopening_101

Southern Events provided a ton of wonderful seating and rentals for our guests to enjoy.

sycamorefarms_grandopening_007 sycamorefarms_grandopening_008 sycamorefarms_grandopening_009

Heidi Schwartz of Paint Your Event impressed everyone as she brought our venue and the evening to life on canvas.  Pardon my iphone picture here.  JDs Music also provided his DJ service inside the barn.


As guests exited the Main Hall onto the Sycamore Veranda where Beyond Details provided their desserts, coffee bar and floral arrangements.  Rentals were provided by Southern Events including this awesome chandelier!  Prime Source Entertainment provided a solo guitarists and strings for light music.

sycamorefarms_grandopening_068  sycamorefarms_grandopening_063

sycamorefarms_grandopening_026 sycamorefarms_grandopening_025


sycamorefarms_grandopening_018 sycamorefarms_grandopening_019 sycamorefarms_grandopening_024

After enjoying their desserts on the Sycamore Veranda some guests took a seat on the patio or underneath the 100 year old Sycamore tree.


There was alot of action on the island.  Beyond Wings had a fire show…yes, real fire that they danced with on the island.  It was memorizing!  The 3rd of the signature drinks called the Spicy Monday (a nod at the owner:) was a freshly prepared margarita created by Aperitif.  The pergola and island was draped, dressed and ready to show its multiple purposes: cocktails parties, ceremonies, entertainment, you name it.

sycamorefarms_grandopening_040 sycamorefarms_grandopening_039 sycamorefarms_grandopening_048 sycamorefarms_grandopening_043 sycamorefarms_grandopening_044 sycamorefarms_grandopening_109

sycamorefarms_grandopening_108 sycamorefarms_grandopening_106

That’s the highlights of the Grand Opening we held on September 20th in Arrington, TN. The attendance blew us away!  There were at least 400 guests in attendance from the wedding or event industry, media and tons of others that showed interest in seeing our new venue.  We are very excited and we appreciate all enthusiasm from the guests and vendors.

I must mention that Matt G Video capture the evening and is currently tweaking the video. But we will definitely be sharing it once it is completed.

All the photos (unless I noted they were form my iphone) were by Jenna Henderson.

If you didn’t make it to the Grand Opening but would like a site visit please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 615-395-8266 or send us an email at

Thank you again to all the wonderful vendors that collaborated to make our Grand Opening a HUGE success!