HalloWED! How to Design a Sophisticated October 31st Wedding

October 31st, All Hallow’s Eve, has gone down in history as a spooky day full of candy and costumes.  In 2020 October 31st lands on a Saturday.  Since Saturday is a popular day for weddings and October is peak wedding season, you may want to consider October 31, 2020 for your big day.  “But how will I ensure my wedding will be classy and elegant instead of corny and scary,” you ask?  In the following photos you will see our ideas for a dark and moody yet refined way to design your October 31st wedding.

Put a fresh spin on the classic orange and black Halloween colors by substituting white and teal.



Add drama with black candlesticks and add texture by using succulents instead of traditional flowers.


Make sure to light lots and lots of candles and set up a candy table so guests can make their own departing gifts!