DIY Planning: Our best tips and tricks!

Congratulations! You’re engaged! Now what?

Planning a Wedding can be the most fun & stressful event of your life. Hiring a Wedding Planner is the simplest way to ensure that you have a stress-free engagement and wedding day. But they can also be pricey. DIY has always been trendy, and many organized brides opt to doing at least most of the planning themselves. We’ve got a few tools to help you along your DIY Planning journey.

The Knot & Wedding Wire:
The Knot & Wedding Wire are our two favorite all-in-one Wedding Websites to keep you organized. The Knot’s Wedding style quiz is a great place to start your planning! Through both websites, you can find: venues, caterers, florists, photographers, and so much more. You can also create your very own wedding website to share with your family & friends. Both websites have a lot of helpful blogs, tips, and recommendations to advise you.

Choosing Vendors:
Not everyone has the luxury of living in the same town that you are getting married in. So how are you supposed to find reputable vendors? LOOK AT REVIEWS! Read what real clients have said about each vendor you’re considering. This will also help you formulate your own questions to ask when you start calling around or setting up meetings.

Designing your wedding:
One of the hardest parts about planning your wedding is picking a theme or design. Some of our more creative clients are better at this than others. Have fun with this part! Make your wedding reflect you as a couple more than anything. Are you more traditional, or more modern? Are you more laid back, or the life of the party? Pinterest will be your best friend but, websites like Instagram, and Facebook are more helpful than you think. You’re seeing real weddings that have taken place and have been put on the internet to be shared with you. Check out your vendors’ social media pages as well! They will have photos of their products, food, facility, etc. This avoids any unwanted surprises the day of your wedding.

So, you’ve started your planning and it’s time to register for gifts! Zola is a great way to include all your guests and to get you the exact items you’re looking for but, it makes it super easy & simple for your guests. They’ll give you a checklist of the essentials so that you’re not registering for things you will probably never use. Say you’re ahead of the game and already have all the essentials. You can also use Zola to set up a Honeymoon registry instead!

Time to order drinks for your big day! We hear this question all the time: “How much alcohol should I order?”. Evite has a great tool that we use to help Brides & Grooms calculate exactly how much they might need on your big day. Just remember: It’s always better to order too much than not enough. (Most liquor or alcohol stores will allow you to return unopened bottles.)

Remember, nothing keeps you organized like checklists! You can find free printable checklists for everything your Wedding might need online.

Happy Planning!