our namesake

Barn & Lake/Island update-it’s all happening!

Yesterday Janet and I got to visit the site and see the developments.  It was amazing to see how far our team has come in a very short period of time.  They only poured the foundation a few weeks ago and now the framing is moving along quickly.  Our contractor, Tony Tharpe, and his team are working almost 7 days a week.  Here’s a selfie of the group before a tour of the barn.

group selfie before the tour

Bad angle for me:/ But I wanted to show off our ceiling!  Looks great, huh?!

Tony gave us tour of the building and we could stand inside the rooms to get a good feel of the size of the space.  It’s huge!  You don’t realize what 13,000 square feet feels like until you are standing in it.  Here’s a shot of the building coming together.  You can see the Grande Ballroom taking shape.  The right side will be the grooms suite, catering kitchen and an office.

framing progress

Then I got a stunning view of our namesake.  This beauty is about 100 years old.  The 7 prong Sycamore Tree is but rare and good luck!

our namesake

100 year old grande ballroom

100 year old 7 prong Sycamore TreeNext we took a tour of our island and lake.  You have to imagine that pile of dirt will very soon be a manicured island with a gorgeous wood and stone bridge connecting guests to the the island.  This is just a shot of the island the lake will continue around to the right.  The black is a liner is laid so our lake doesn’t leak.  Dirt will fill in the trenches you see all the way around so the liner doesn’t slide down.  Neat huh?

lake and island panorama