Creative Ideas for a COVID-19 Conscious Wedding:

Help your guests feel more at ease by allowing them to express their comfort level with some wearable buttons! Color coded bracelets are a great option too. These are amazing because your guest can express if they feel comfortable with close contact and conversation or if they would prefer to have extra space without any confusion or miscommunication.

Sanitation Stations! This is a wedding MUST. You can put hand sanitizer in pretty soap dispensers to create a fancy personal touch that matches the elegance of your special day. Personalized details make such a big difference! Add these all over your venue, inside the bathrooms, by the bars, and by the buffet.

Space out your seating. This is a terrific way to help social distance your guest. When you might normally have 10 people to table, remove a couple chairs to ensure proper distance. Seating arrangements specific to COVID-19 conscious people are also a way to make guests feel safe. Your “partiers” can be seated at one table, while more COVID-19 conscious people can be seated at another.

Another option with seating arrangements is to keep households seated together. It just makes sense for those who are with each other all the time to remain together at the table to help prevent the spread of germs.

Another fun and personal way to keep people safe is through signage. Signage for your bar or buffet can also match a sign that has information about COVID-19 precautions. You can keep a fabulous theme with every sign at your wedding.


When guests get up from tables request that your DJ, band, or officiant make an announcement reminding people to wear mask when they are not eating or drinking. Dismissing everyone by table for a buffet is also a way to cut down on crowds and traffic surrounding food.

Lastly, some fun ways to add in safety measures to your wedding is to provide hand-sanitizers as wedding favors for all your guests. Personalized stickers can be placed on the small bottles as a reminder of your beautiful day that the guest can take home. A personalized mask is another creative option to encourage safety during your wedding.

We love to hear what you have been doing to keep your guests feeling safe.  Let us know some other unique ways to keep the party going!